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Rocket Lawn Edgers are manufactured in Courtenay, BC by Truline Masonry and Landscape Products LTD.

Since 1990, Truline has manufactured and distributed a variety of high quality products including; Retaining Walls, Patio Slabs, Landscape Blocks, Paving Stones and Masonry Blocks.

Truline began manufacturing Rocket Lawn Edgers in 2002 after recognizing the demand for an easy to install solution for creating a dynamic and attractive garden edge. More importantly, Truline found that many people were seeking an easier and faster way of trimming the edge of their lawn.

Rockets make mowing your lawn that much easier. By using your installed Rockets as your guide, you are able to run your mower over the edge of your lawn. No more edging means you can put your weed eater into storage. Permanently.

Rocket Lawn Edgers are available in 3 colours:
Red, Grey and Brown.
three bricks
Rocket dimensions are:
4(w) x 2.25(d) x 6(l)
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